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Rural Outreach Mentorship Initiative (ROMI). Great advise from one of our former DHS students, Jai Mashru… see below!

“Calling all grade 9-12 students that are interested in a career in medicine! Join the Rural Outreach Mentorship Initiative (ROMI) through the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada to be paired with a medical student to learn all about applying to medical school, what it’s like to be a medical student, resume building, and studying tips so much more! Sign up to be paired with a mentor using the link below”

Mentorship sign up: https://forms.gle/TVECr1j81ky6mY8E7


Northwest Employment Works & Learn at Home via ZOOM…

HOW TO STUDY EFFECTIVELY: Studying in an effective manner not only improves grades but can also help test anxiety.

GENERAL STUDY TIPS: Minimize distracting noise. Some people need some sound while some prefer silence. Find what works for you. Consider a “do not disturb sign” and turning off your phone. Let voicemail take your calls for a
while. You can catch up with people later. Use proper lighting. It’s hard to feel motivated sitting in the dark! If you use a desk lamp, place
it opposite the dominant writing hand and don’t have it too close to you. In terms of temperature, it is better to be cool than warm. Warm rooms tend to make people sleepy. Have plenty of room to work; don’t be cramped. Your study time will go better if you take a few minutes at the start to straighten things up and organize your materials. A desk and straight-backed chair is usually best. Don’t get too comfortable ~ a bed is a place to sleep, not study. Have everything (book, pencils, paper, coffee, dictionary, laptop, calculator, tape recorder, etc.) close at hand. Don’t spend your time jumping up and down to get things. Studying requires the correct attitude. Be calm and patient with yourself as you review the material. Beating yourself up will do no good. Try to open your mind as much as possible by putting other things aside and letting go of frustration. Focus on the areas that need the most attention. Many students feel that any time studying counts as real studying, but studying is less effective if you do not target the areas that need study. For example, if you know how to do all the math or science questions of one type, do not focus your attention on those questions. Instead work on the questions or concepts you find the most difficult. That way you are work on improving your knowledge instead of just reinforcing what you know. Good class notes are important as they make studying and review much easier. Don’t expect to learn everything later on your own. Pay attention in class and make your own good notes wherever possible. If you’ve been absent, ask the teacher or a friend if there are notes you could photocopy. Taking good notes familiarizes you with the material; further review and study solidifies it up. Use your class materials when studying. Good notes can often help you work on the material you find most difficult. If your teacher has given you worksheets, data booklets, quizzes, etc. during class, use those to help you study. Effective studying uses all the resources you have, not just an open text book.

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BOOST- Advanced Functions 4U Review…

When students are beginning to prepare for final assessments and exams, BOOST is a great way to review the material from Advanced Functions 4U.  BOOST covers every topic in the Advanced Functions course and students can choose any of them and watch the short video lessons, or do the practice questions (with video solutions ) or work on some of the tricky problems that come with each of the lessons. It is a very efficient way to look back at concepts and problems from the course  that need refreshing. Students can sign up for just 1 month for only $30. If they sign up this week they can use it right through the exam period. Go to: https://www.boostmath.ca/

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Information Days at DHS

Universities and Colleges will be having zoom/virtual presentations online throughout the year (most during the lunch hour).  Information on upcoming presentations will be listed on the “Upcoming University/College Presentations/Information” tab.  

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Students are encouraged to check the links in the “Bursaries/Scholarships” tab at the top of this page as well as visiting the guidance office for bursary and scholarship information.   We also encourage you check the post-secondary institution websites and search other sources.

The Local Bursary and Scholarship booklet is available in early April of each year.

The website https://www.schoolfinder.com/Events/Index.aspx   has a list of events happening such as information fairs and open houses.

There are some sites, that you may want to check out, listed in the External Scholarships and Bursaries link above.

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Local Scholarships and Bursaries

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Dryden Rotary Club sponsored activities

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Report Cards and Anecdotal Reports

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University & College Applications

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The Ontario Student Assistance Program can be found at ontario.ca/osap

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