Information for Grade 12 Students

Kenora Campus FALL 2020 – Not too late to apply… see link below:

Graduation Ceremony Information


Graduation Checklist:

  • 40 Community Involvement Hours
  • Literacy Test or OLC  Course
  • 30 Credits
  • 6 credits in 4U/M courses (needed for University admission)
  • Correct Prerequisites (for High Skills Major, University, College. Apprenticeship or Work)

Ontario Colleges Application Info:

  • Can apply in October
  • Equal Opportunity Deadline: February 1, 2020) – Please apply early.  Slower response times can happen close to the deadline.
  • Cost: $95 (5 choices)
  • To research colleges go to My Blueprint profile

Ontario Universities Application Info:

  • Can begin applying near the end of October -Your PIN will be available from the Guidance Office.
  • Equal Opportunity Deadline is mid January.  For 2020 admittance it is  January 15, 2020.
  • After the equal opportunity deadline has passed applications are still accepted.
  • Cost: $150 (3 choices) – ($50 per additional choice)
  • A directory of Canadian Universities can be found on the Universities Canada website – click here
  • Visit the OUAC site for information on Ontario Universities at
  • To research universities go to your My Blueprint profile
  • If you are not currently attending High School please apply using the Undergrad 105 application.  Current students us the Undergrad 101 application.

Out of Province Applications

The Canadian Universities website has a list of member Universities with links to the University’s website.

  • Students apply on their own – make an appointment in the guidance office and a  guidance counsellor will help you with this process
  • After you have submitted your application please complete the form in the binder on the secretary’s desk to have transcripts sent out of province.  Transcripts cannot be sent if we do not know where you are going, this does not happen automatically.  Also please let us know if you no longer need a transcript sent to the school.  Transcripts are typically sent 3 time, when you apply, after first semester, and again at the end of the year.
  • Deadlines and fees vary – check school websites

Out of Country Applications

  • Check with the guidance office for ACT & SAT dates
  • SAT registration and info
  • ACT registration and info
  • Testing in Dryden is usually in November and May.  Please check with the guidance office for specific dates.

Financial Information

April 1, 2020 – Target for Local Awards to be Available Online

  • This is for the all of the bursaries and scholarships that are given out by our community
  • Applications are done on-line – go to and click on Guidance and follow the links.  Ensure you are using the correct application form for each award you are applying to.
  • Deadline for most applications will be early May.  Please check each one as they do vary a little.

Other Scholarships & Bursaries

  • Additional scholarships and bursaries are posted on our website – click on Guidance and follow the links or check out the  bulletin board  in the guidance office or click here
  • Try sites like, and others, to see what is available  for awards, scholarships, & bursaries outside of our community
  • Check university or college websites for more scholarship and bursary opportunities
  • Students apply on their own – the guidance counsellors are available to help you with this process


  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Job/work – do you need some help finding a job? Visit the guidance office for assistance
  • Exit Plan – are you ready for life after high school? Visit the guidance office for assistance
  • To research career opportunities go to My Blueprint profile

Ontario Student Assistance Program

OSAP website

Local Bank – visit your local bank for student loan/line information

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