The DHS Guidance Department is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The office is located in the Northeast corner of the DHS Student Square (next to the library)

Counsellors help students learn to appreciate and know themselves, get along with others, develop appropriate education plans and explore all career opportunities. When providing help, the counsellors respect and appreciate each individuals differences. Even though teachers attend to these special needs, the counsellors have special training to ensure that students benefit from accurate and up-to-date information, and receive sympathetic direction and support.

There is a Firefly counsellor 4 days per week plus Mental Health and Addictions counsellors from the Dryden Regional Health Centre visit weekly, a dietitian from the Family Health Team also visits on a monthly basis.  Other services are available on an as needed basis.

Phone:  807-223-2316            Fax:  807-223-2380

Department email


Guidance Department Staff:

Val Kennedy – Administrative Assistant – ext. 232


Mr. Jamie Oltsher – DHS student Counsellor –  ext. 227


Ms Cynthia Seitz – DHS student Counsellor –   ext. 231


Ms Colleen Knipping – Firefly Counsellor – ext 341


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