Local Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

Please ensure you use the correct application form.  Using the wrong form may mean your application will not be considered.

Information is expected to be available about April 1, 2018.



#1 DHS Application – 2017


#3 Domtar 2017 Application

#4 Keewatin Patricia Elementary Teachers


#12 District 5A Support Staff Bursary

#10 RCL Dist 7 Man-NW Ont.

#8 Royal Arch Masons

#9 RCL Technical Award – 2017

#11 RCL Dr. Plumridge Award – 2017

Please keep an eye on this page for any changes or additions.

We would like to thank all our generous sponsors for supporting students in their future endeavours.


2 Responses to Local Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

  1. Marion Dennis says:

    When is the deadline for our organization to advise you if you we have selected as recipients of our bursaries?


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